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Social Green Places

Hi All,

I would like to share a new idea about – How can location based services reduce our environment pollution? I was walking on the last weekend with my girlfriend through our big city berlin and a lot of people enjoyed the first warm weekend as well. The flipside of the sunny weekend was that a lot of waste baskets where so overfilled that a lot of waste polluted green places and it gives you a bad impression / feelings.

What is the main idea of Social Green Places?

The main idea is to offer a location based option to “shout out –check in” there is a basket overfilled and this place is waiting for Waste – Disposal or to install more baskets to cover the waste demand. The a possible approach could be that you can open a city app and there can you located your position and the relevant basket, now you can send a check in message with your “shout: please, take care for a disposal” as a motivation the city app offer you a payback service “coupon for the usage of public service / institutions” another idea  could be to offer – sponsorships – for a campaign “keep clean places” to cover some costs from sponsors who have interested for a social marketing campaign.

Who are the Target Groups?

–          City Administration for environmental Services

–          Companies with “social engagement”

–          Citizen Association with focus “green environment”

–          the mayor to improve the city image

–          the estate business to offer more environment quality

What is the Benefit of “keep Green Places”?

I guess every city should think about service to keep clean places to offer comfortable services for a successful tourism business and of course a satisfied city population. Another big advantage for resource & capacity planner could be to use these data for trend prediction to optimize service or capacities.

What about Outlook & Potentials?

I guess there could be a huge potential to use the “social” crowd to offer better environment services. I think it could be a good “WIN WIN” situation between city administration and the tourism / citizen. Further you could use the data for trend prediction to have a better feeling for resource and capacity planning.

That’s my view of a Social Green Place and waiting for comments and feedback,

for cooperation, common projects requests or exchange of ideas take a flight and visit my Blogs: Online Marketing Box  [english] or Online Marketing Beratung  [german]. Another option is to contact me via  email: lifedots@googlemail.com or connect me via linkedinxingfacebookfoursquaregoogle+


  1. datadance
    May 26, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    Report, view, or discuss local problems,

    • May 27, 2011 at 9:33 pm

      great idea may we find some connections to combine our both service ideas

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